Wood Craft

Liz uses a fret-saw and her creative imagination to produce fun wooden gifts including 'Pet Switches', 'Door Signs' and 'Dishwashsure Magnets'

Pet Switches: just £5

These are wooden decorations for light switches, designed and made by Liz. They just pop onto the light switch (usually stay there on their own but if necessary use white/blue tack to hold them in position). A full range of Liz’s pet switches are always displayed on her stall at Bakewell Farmer’s Market (usually the last Saturday of the month at Bakewell Agricultural Centre) and at other craft events.

A variety of designs: Hamster, Cow, Pig, Tractor, Digger, Dinosaur, Alien, Rat/Mouse, Horse, Sheep, Rabbit, Dog, Cat, Dragon, Baby, Astronaut, Car, Dolphin, Tractor, Bear. Example photographs are shown (note because they are hand-made and hand painted there will be some natural variation).

They are available for £5 from my stall (If you would like one posting please allow for the following postage: 1 item is £2.00 postage, 2 items are £2.50 postage, 3 items are posted for £3.00, 4 to 9 items for £3.50. These are UK postage prices.

Bespoke pet switches can be made to order. Please contact Liz and discuss your requirements (see Contact Me)

Door signs

These are £5. Double-sided cats with ‘come in/keep out’ or come in/do not disturb’ or ‘come in/bog off’or 'my room, my mess, keep out!/whatever'.

Mermaid door signs (one sided) with ‘Bathing Beauty - Do not disturb! (available: blond, brunette, redhead).

Postage is as per pet switches – see above.

Dishwashsure Magnets

Be sure if your dishes are clean or dirty with Liz’s hand made dishwashsure magnets
£3.00 per pair, postage as per pet switches (above).

Other items

Liz makes other items such as bookends and cartoon clocks. Please contact her for more information or visit her stall (see contact me).


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(c) Artful Badger, Elizabeth Hague, 2011