Wood Craft and Hand Painted Porcelain

Liz has a vivid imagination and is guilty, as many of us are, of personifying her pets. This has expressed itself in her Wood Craft and Hand Painted Porcelain. These are mainly gifts for children, though not exclusively so.

Wood Craft

Liz uses a fret-saw and her creative imagination to produce fun wooden gifts including 'Pet Switches', 'Door Signs' and 'Dishwashsure Magnets' .. more

Hand Painted Porcelain

Liz thinks porcelain is a wonderful surface to paint on as it is smooth and glossy and results in bright clear colours ... more




Click the film symbol to see a movie of the piggy pank rotating (3MB) - best viewed whilst humming the theme to the Magic Roundabout.



(c) Artful Badger, Elizabeth Hague, 2011