Contact me

Liz Hague c/o Artful Badger

Tel: 01629 650600


Come and see me at Bakewell Farmers’ Market (Bakewell Agricultural Centre) usually on the last Saturday of the month. I also attend local country shows such as Ashbourne and Hayfield.

I am very approachable: please get in touch and discuss your requirements. There is no obligation to buy, no high pressure sales and I would not be offended if you decide not to buy anything. Hopefully of course you will love my work and it will meet your requirements.

Now here's a curious thing: Liz is face-blind (she has prosopagnosia: look it up on the internet if you want the science!). This means she cannot remember long term (more than a few hours) a person's face unless she sees them very regularly! It is quite a disadvantage in business and also socially. So if Liz does not recognise you on a second (or third or fourth or fifth....) 'viewing' please do not be offended. Just say who you are - she won't have forgotten you or anything she has painted for you- just what you look like!





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